The Stansted & Fairseat History Society

The Stansted and Fairseat Society was first constituted in 1971 and was active until 2007 when it went into abeyance. The Society was reformed as The Stansted and Fairseat History Society in 2019 with the following primary objectives:

  • To promote interest in the local history of Stansted and the surrounding districts including Fairseat and Vigo, together with historical matters in general.
  • To initiate and encourage research into the history of the Parish of Stansted and surrounding areas.
  • To develop and maintain a website designed to communicate the history of the area both to local residents and the wider community.
  • To develop and create relevant publications concerning major events, celebrations, and other significant local activities.

Management Committee
As of October 2019 the Management Committee of the Society comprises the following posts and personnel:

Chair: Dick Hogbin
Secretary: Mike Goddings
Treasurer: John Deacon
Website: Tony Piper
Archivist 1: Philip Hall
Archivist 2: Will Peat

The Society is keen to engage members of the community. The Society maintains a list of subscribers and defines subscribers as those people who have indicated that they may be able to help in some way with aspects of historical research, website content, or other aspects of the Society. Subscribers are also people who have indicated that they would like to be kept informed on progress and general Society activities on a periodic basis.

If you would like to become a subscriber then please get in touch via the website contact page or directly by email to Alternatively please contact the Chairman, Dick Hogbin, by phone (07887 396918).

Funding & Patronage
The Society is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and the management committee and others give their time on a voluntary basis. There are third party costs involved in developing and maintaining the website, and costs relating to the main physical archive in Fairseat Village Hall.

The Society is hopeful that a ‘patronage’ model could act as a source of funding and seeks voluntary donations from local residents and subscribers.  If you feel that you could support the Society with a financial contribution and become a patron, then please  email the Society at

The Society’s Constitution is available to view by selecting the following link.