Donations Received

The Stansted and Fairseat History Society is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and the management committee members give their time voluntarily. There are third-party costs involved in developing and maintaining the website and online filestore, maintaining the physical archive in Fairseat Village Hall, organising community events, etc.

The Society receives some financial support from the local Parish Council in the form of grant aid for which it is extremely grateful. Our goal is to become increasingly self-financing through voluntary donations from local residents and other interested parties.

The Committee would like to express their thanks to the following supporters who have made donations to the History Society.

  • December 2019: Stansted Parish Council £800
  • November 2021: Stansted Parish Council £750
  • January 2023: Alan Bullock £20
  • April 2023: Pam Sheldon £20
  • June 2023: Horticultural Society £15
  • February 2024: Tom Sheldon £100
  • February 2024: Dick Hogbin £100
  • April 2024: Family of Brian Wood £1,883
  • April 2024: Geoff Allgood £10
  • April 2024: Steve Moody £538