Places in and around Stansted, Fairseat, & Vigo

This ‘places’ section of the website contains information on local landmarks and places of interest, local area maps, listed or notable buildings, and a street-based gallery of properties in the area.  The content is divided into four sub-categories as shown below.

This section contains details of the history of various landmarks and places of interest in the local area. These include local pubs such as the Vigo Inn, churches, farms, Trosley Towers, Fairseat Nursery, etc.

Within this ‘Areas & Maps’ category are pages and details covering the following:

  • Boundaries (civil parish, church parish, electoral ward, and borough/district)
  • Historical maps of the area
  • Local Manors
  • Tithe surveys and maps


This section contains information on listed buildings in the area including those that are near or just outside the Stansted and Vigo Parish boundaries.

Listing information has been sourced from Historic England and where available, more detailed histories of the buildings are available. 

This section lists all the residential properties in Stansted & Fairseat by road/street name and location. Where available, a brief history and a photograph of the property is included.