Try, Try, Again

The following video is courtesy of the Premier League and was produced in 2017 to support their Primary Stars programme.
  Primary Stars is a curriculum-linked education programme which uses the appeal of football to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills through free teaching resources and support from 101 Premier League and professional football clubs.   The Writing Stars campaign, which was backed by the National Literacy Trust and delivered as part of the Primary Stars literacy resources, inspired 25,000 primary school children to write a poem about resilience.

William Hickson is credited with popularising the poem, ‘Try Again’ which is featured in the video.


>> CHILD 1: This is a lesson you should heed, >> COACH 1: Try, try again.
>> CHILD 2: If at first you don’t succeed… >> COACH 2: …try, try again.

>> CHILD 3: Then your courage should appear. [CHILDRENS’ LAUGHTER] >> COACH 3: But if you will persevere…
>> CHILD 4: …you will conquer, never fear. >> CHILD 5: Try, try… >> CHILDREN: …again!

> CHILD 6: If we strive, it’s no disgrace… >> CHILD 7: …though we may not win the race.
>> CHILD 8: What should you do in this case? >> COACH 4: Try… Try again.

>> CHILD 9: All that other folks can do… >> COACH 5: …why, with patience, should not you?
>> COACH 6: Only keep this rule in view >> CHILD 10: Try, try ..… again.

>> FEMALE VOICEOVER: We’re helping to inspire primary school kids in everything from Maths and English to teamwork and sport.