Residential properties - Pease Hill

This page lists the residential properties in Pease Hill which runs westerly from the junction with Haven Hill to the junction with South Ash Road. The Stansted Parish boundary runs along Pease Hill and the properties are in the Parish of Ash-cum-Ridley but have been included for completeness
Please get in touch with the Society should you have further information on any of the properties listed or suggest any alterations or additions.

Berry's Maple Cottage

The cottage was a boys’ school from 1862, or possibly earlier, until 1871. The headteacher was Mr George Field, an ex-sailor with one leg. The property is in the Parish of Ash Cum Ridley.

Berry's Maple

Berry’s Maple is about ½ mile outside the Parish boundary in the Parish of Ash-Cum-Ridley. It stands at a junction of 5 roads and feels as much a part of Stansted as Ash. Indeed there are stories that it stands on the site of an old gibbet on the Parish boundary. It is a 17th-century timber-framed building with a later brick addition and was Grade II listed in 1982. It was previously occupied and farmed by George Orpin until the farmhouse and farmland was sold to Sir Gerald Hohler.

Pease Hill Cottage

The property is in the Parish of Ash Cum Ridley.