Stansted Area WW2 Incident Maps

First impressions indicate that Stansted and Fairseat were singled out as targets for enemy activity.  This is misleading as many incidents occurred in neighbouring Parishes: the maps only record War Diary references to Stansted, Fairseat and some in Trottiscliffe.   In most cases there is little evidence now, as reported incidents tended to be in accessible areas or open fields, and the craters will have been back-filled.   That said, plenty of craters still exist in the surrounding woods that obviously went unreported.  Broadly, the maps reflect three different aspects of the War: The aircraft that crashed within days of each other at the height of the Battle of Britain, the bombs and incendiaries that were jettisoned by damaged enemy aircraft, either on their way, or on their return from bombing Docklands during the Blitz, and finally the V1’s which came down en-route to London.  Some of these hit locally tethered Barrage Balloon cables, others fell short as a result of the contentious British Intelligence policy of using double agents to overstate the impact locations, causing the Germans to reduce the fuel load.

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Overall WW2 incident map for the Stansted area.
Overall Incidents
WW2 Incidents in the North Stansted area of Kent
North Stansted
WW2 Incidents in the East Stansted area of Kent
East Stansted
WW2 incident map for South West Stansted in Kent
South West Stansted
WW2 incident map for West Stansted in Kent
West Stansted
WW2 incident map for South Fairseat in Kent
South Fairseat
WW2 Incidents in the East Fairseat area of Kent
East Fairseat