Local Fields and Woodland

This section contains information and photographs of local fields and woodland.

In 1841 as part of the process of moving from payment to the Church of Tithes (10% of produce) to Tithe Rent-Charges (cash payments), detailed maps of all land in the country were prepared. The Tithe Map for Stansted parish shows the various field and woodland names together with a reference number. The colour coding on the map (which was added by Frank and Zena Bamping in 1998) highlights the original ownership details. Although some field boundaries/hedges have been removed over the years the field pattern in the Parish is still largely the same as it was in 1841.
Where relevant, the reference number and the original 1841 name have been included in the captions for the various images in the photo gallery.

Note: A more detailed analysis of the Tithe Map together with accompanying schedules is available on this website under Places>Maps>Tithe Maps.

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Photo Gallery - Fields & Woodland